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Portsmouth & District Bowls Association


Midweek District League


Division 1

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Match Match Score Match Points
Date Venue Home Away Visitors H A
Tue Apr 28 Fareham Cream     Rowner B    
  Gosport Green     Crofton B    
Wed Apr 29 Crofton A     Gosport Red    
Thu Apr 30 Lee-on-the-Solent     Forton    
  Rowner A     Fareham Gold    
Tue May 05 Fareham Gold     Gosport Green    
  Gosport Red     Fareham Cream    
Wed May 06 Crofton B     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Thu May 07 Forton     Crofton A    
  Rowner B     Rowner A    
Tue May 12 Gosport Green     Rowner A    
Wed May 13 Crofton A     Crofton B    
Thu May 14 Fareham Cream     Forton    
  Lee-on-the-Solent     Fareham Gold    
  Rowner B     Gosport Red    
Tue May 19 Fareham Gold     Crofton A    
  Gosport Green     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Wed May 20 Crofton B     Fareham Cream    
Thu May 21 Forton     Rowner B    
  Rowner A     Gosport Red    
Tue May 26 Forton     Gosport Red    
Wed May 27 Crofton A     Gosport Green    
Thu May 28 Fareham Cream     Fareham Gold    
  Lee-on-the-Solent     Rowner A    
  Rowner B     Crofton B    
Tue Jun 02 Fareham Gold     Rowner B    
  Gosport Green     Fareham Cream    
Wed Jun 03 Gosport Red     Crofton B    
Thu Jun 04 Lee-on-the-Solent     Crofton A    
  Rowner A     Forton    
Tue Jun 09 Fareham Cream     Lee-on-the-Solent    
  Gosport Red     Fareham Gold    
Wed Jun 10 Crofton A     Rowner A    
Thu Jun 11 Forton     Crofton B    
  Rowner B     Gosport Green    
Tue Jun 16 Gosport Green     Gosport Red    
Wed Jun 17 Crofton A     Fareham Cream    
Thu Jun 18 Fareham Gold     Forton    
  Lee-on-the-Solent     Rowner B    
  Rowner A     Crofton B    
Tue Jun 23 Gosport Red     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Wed Jun 24 Crofton B     Fareham Gold    
Thu Jun 25 Fareham Cream     Rowner A    
  Forton     Gosport Green    
  Rowner B     Crofton A    
Tue Jun 30 Fareham Gold     Rowner A    
  Gosport Red     Crofton A    
Wed Jul 01 Crofton B     Gosport Green    
Thu Jul 02 Forton     Lee-on-the-Solent    
  Rowner B     Fareham Cream    
Tue Jul 07 Gosport Green     Fareham Gold    
Wed Jul 08 Crofton A     Forton    
Thu Jul 09 Fareham Cream     Gosport Red    
  Lee-on-the-Solent     Crofton B    
  Rowner A     Rowner B    
Tue Jul 14 Fareham Gold     Lee-on-the-Solent    
  Gosport Red     Rowner B    
Wed Jul 15 Crofton B     Crofton A    
Thu Jul 16 Forton     Fareham Cream    
  Rowner A     Gosport Green    
Tue Jul 21 Fareham Cream     Crofton B    
  Gosport Red     Rowner A    
Wed Jul 22 Crofton A     Fareham Gold    
Thu Jul 23 Lee-on-the-Solent     Gosport Green    
  Rowner B     Forton    
Tue Jul 28 Gosport Green     Crofton A    
Wed Jul 29 Crofton B     Rowner B    
Thu Jul 30 Fareham Gold     Fareham Cream    
  Gosport Red     Forton    
  Rowner A     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Tue Aug 04 Crofton B     Gosport Red    
Wed Aug 05 Crofton A     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Thu Aug 06 Fareham Cream     Gosport Green    
  Forton     Rowner A    
  Rowner B     Fareham Gold    
Tue Aug 11 Fareham Gold     Gosport Red    
  Gosport Green     Rowner B    
Wed Aug 12 Crofton B     Forton    
Thu Aug 13 Lee-on-the-Solent     Fareham Cream    
  Rowner A     Crofton A    
Tue Aug 18 Fareham Cream     Crofton A    
  Gosport Red     Gosport Green    
Wed Aug 19 Crofton B     Rowner A    
Thu Aug 20 Forton     Fareham Gold    
  Rowner B     Lee-on-the-Solent    
Tue Aug 25 Fareham Gold     Crofton B    
  Gosport Green     Forton    
Wed Aug 26 Crofton A     Rowner B    
Thu Aug 27 Lee-on-the-Solent     Gosport Red    
  Rowner A     Fareham Cream    





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